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Excellence. Compassion. Dependability.

Why Choose Competent Care?

Most people look for homecare when they are in a crisis situation. 


How does one find the right care--dependable, compassionate, safe care for oneself or a loved-one?  Referrals by people you trust is the best way. That is how we have prospered for 30 years. 90% of our clients have come from referrals from our previous or present clients. That speaks volumes.

When you call you will speak to a person who will find out what you need and immediately begin to satisfy that need.   We are here to take away your worries and stress and let you relax knowing you have found a company that knows what you are going through, what you need, and how to provide that care to you.  Competent Care is not a franchise, you will not be a number with Competent Care. You will always be treated as the unique individual that you are. 

We would like you to know about one of the "best-kept secrets" on the Northshore. - Competent Care.

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